Eliminate My Debt before Master's

by Ginger.

I recently graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelors in Business Administra...More info


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Zip code:59714
About:Good day! I'm a recent graduate in Business Administration at Montana State University. While a full-time student, I also worked full-time, and still work for the same company. I am hoping to move to Belgium to pursue my Masters and gain permanent residency. I come from a military family. Both my parents and my three siblings were or are still in the military. My younger brother and I received our Bachelor's at the same time. I now live alone with my two pets: Lazarus the hedgehog, and Darwin the Pomeranian. Lazarus was adopted from a couple who could not care for him, and I adopted Darwin from the shelter after he was involuntarily surrendered due to severe neglect. My free time is spent primarily with my pets, but I also enjoy reading and running. To get me even closer to my goal of moving to Belgium, I have been learning Dutch for the past year. Although I am not close to fluent, I'm hoping it will help my assimilation into the culture upon my move.

Help me break into the stock market

by Karan Sharma.

Hello everyone, I am Karan Sharma , MBA in Finance. I haven't got a job yet but I wish to ...More info


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Name:Karan Sharma
Zip code:143001
About:I am MBA FINANCE GRADUATE, highly dedicated person,wishing to jumpstart my career as a stock broker.

I need sleep

by Raque Hardy.

I am currently working at a motel, I work 106hrs. a week and get paid the equivalent to $1...More info


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Name:Raque Hardy
Zip code:61603
About:Hi everyone, I am 36 years old. I have worked at this company for 8yrs. now and have had my current position for a little over 2yrs now. I don't have anytime for myself outside of work. I go to work on Mondays at 5:00am and don't get off til Tuesday at 5:00pm and Wed-Sun 12hr days. I also live where I work so if I just quit we won't have a place to live. I am growing tired. I don't know where else to turn, we only have each other that's it. If I was able to move from here I would be able to land on my feet and get a normal more conventional job. I'm not a bad person, just need help

Stranded and Desperate in Denmark

by Hillary.

I'm a screenwriter and author (self published with little sales success) single, and stran...More info


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Zip code:8920

Help my sister pursue her dreams

by Nilda Acosta.

Hi, my name is Nilda and the reason I'm here is because I would like to raise money for my...More info


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Name:Nilda Acosta
Zip code:91504

New Age Mirror Art

by Regina Jokubaitis.

Original oil paintings on mirrors channel creativity of Picasso-like inspirations. One-of-...More info


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Name:Regina Jokubaitis
Zip code:73026
About:Born in New York City of Lithuanian immigrant parents. Graduated Mt. St. Mary's Academy in top 10% of class. Explored small-town America while traveling with the carnival circuit. Since then, it's been an uphill battle with the onset of a hereditary disease since my late teens. My passion for art is driven by a vivid memory of when I had an episode and threw all my canvas artworks into a recycle bin on a street corner, downtown in New York. Several days later, to my surprise, I found those artworks on display and for sale in an art gallery, not far from the same recycle bin. I feel canvas is flat and has been done for centuries. I love life and shiney things. I love mirrors. Two decades ago I evolved the oil painting on mirror. When you look into it, you become a part of my art. The painting is alive and full of dimension. Our personalities become one and unique. Yes, I struggle financial, and yes I believe New Age Mirror Art can make me become the next Picasso-type personality in my lifetime. I am featured on http://www.saatchiart.com/mirrorartist Feel free to purchase a print or the original, or just make a monetary donation towards my project goal to help me attain my dreams of success in the art world. Remember reflections will be present as these are photos of my original art on mirrors. Thank you for your support, Regina

My dream: amateur radio operator

by Alex Novitzky.

Hi everybody, I have always wanted to be an amatuer radio operator as I would love to ...More info


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Name:Alex Novitzky
Zip code:8032

Relocation and Retirement Income

by Cherrilyn Chester.

I am currently living in Maryland but on December 30, I will move to Santa Fe, NM where I ...More info


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Name:Cherrilyn Chester
City:Owings Mills
Zip code:21117
About:I am a God honoring woman, active in my church and currently working as an Executive Assistant for an Insurance Broker, ready to retire from the daily grind of employment by others controlling my income to become self employed determining my income, in the southwest state of New Mexico. I will continue to sing for my supper but to my own tune.

Give Back New Life

by Michael Miller.

Within the past year I have been though a divorce and everything that goes with that. I ha...More info


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Name:Michael Miller
Zip code:44618

WANTED: Large scale art and the space to create it!

by Dove Russo.

For the past year and a half, my partner and I have had a dream of building a year round l...More info


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Name:Dove Russo
Zip code:14613
About:- Energetic and inspired dreamer ready to make those dreams a reality - Background in strengths and assets based community development, nonprofit management, creative problem solving, and service learning - Dedicate and motivated to create change and build a new future I am a 35 year old Peace Corps recruiter and former Volunteer with a background in youth and community development. In 2005, I was introduced to the Burning Man community, and my life has never been the same. Over the past 9 years, I have increased my involvement in this creative culture as an event organizer, regional contact, and board member for smaller Burning Man regional organizations. In 2013 while watching the sunrise over the stark desert landscape filled with huge art installations, I was inspired to find a way to create a year round community dedicated to the creation of large scale art and sustainable living. Looking around me, I said "I want this, every day. I want to build a place where our community has the ability and freedom to create large scale art and live according to the 10 Principles of Burning Man. Let's do this." To put this in a larger context...we want to build a year round "Burning Man experience." For those who are not familar with Burning Man: "Burning Man is an annual event and a thriving year-round culture. The event takes place the week leading up to and including Labor Day, in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. The Burning Man organization (Black Rock City LLC) creates the infrastructure of Black Rock City, wherein attendees (or "participants") dedicate themselves to the spirit of community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, leaving no trace." I'm ready to do this. Are you ready to help?

Millionaire steals wife, leaving my home on brink of ruin

by Jonathan Allen.

I'll try to sum it up for those don't want to read everything on the uploaded image. I a...More info


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Name:Jonathan Allen
City:rices landing
Zip code:15357

Studio Album

by Jeff Pindras.

Attempting to raise some much needed funds to put toward a studio album, I believe I can h...More info


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Name:Jeff Pindras
Zip code:98006

NEW LIFE and new hope to US!

by Olena Sanina.

We are simple Ukrainian family who are in the middle of immigration process - we want to l...More info


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Name:Olena Sanina
Zip code:02125
About:We are simple Ukrainian family who are in the middle of immigration process - we want to live for better life, where we and even more our children will have hope for the future. We need cash for relocation - tickets, moving expenses and some funds for the first time while we will set-up. Helping us you do not just give some help - you gift new life and hope to 4 people!

Smart Lab Club H2O

by Helen.

We would like to share with you our dream to create Art-Club SLC H20. Smart Lab Club H2...More info


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Zip code:65003